About Us

About Us

Why Fullbright?

The word Fullbright is an adaptation from the name “fullbright” of the Fullbright exchange program a scholarship founded by the United States government for students, researchers and professors all over the world. The ultimate objective of the program is to promote research and development and foster international understanding. Founded by U. S. Senator James William Fulbright in 1946, the program become popular among Asians for decades and even now that Fulbright is no longer senator, the Fulbright scholarships are still going strong. The inspired President Eustacio Q. Edualino in naming our centennial college in Palawan “Fullbright College”. Like the vision of senator Fullbright, the mission of the Fullbright College is to promote research and development and offer quality education to students in Palawan and nearby provinces.

  • Our Mission

    Fullbright College is committed in providing quality education while engaged in a meaningful classroom experience and foster development of persistence and effort necessary for acquiring skills, knowledge, and attitude in sufficient depth for its students with the best facilities that it can afford.

  • Our Vision

    Fullbright College envision of producing students who are Makabayan (Patriotic), Makatao (Mindful of Humanity), Makakalikasan (Respectful of Nature) and MakaDiyos (God-Fearing) that will effect social, moral and economic changes bringing forth a better quality of life to the society in which they belong.

  • Philosophy

    Fullbright College believes that a great institution of learning shall always be a bastion of wisdom, provider of high quality education and source of relevant knowledge needed by its beneficiaries, the students.